Product description

Bruehl couch bongo bay 2

Quality „Made in Germany!“ Manufacturer: Brühl

Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Soft seating sculptures: With its organic, softly flowing yet powerful outlines, bongo bay is reminiscent of rounded rocks or abstract painting. All corners and edges seem to have been worn smooth by water flowing over them. The free form of the seating elements looks invitingly smooth and calm, but at the same time relaxed, familiar and friendly. Sweeping, forward-sloping armrests add elegant accents. The proportionate volume of the cushions offers a high level of seating comfort. The covers are removable. To be complemented with stools and a table. The sofas and armchairs are available with a standard seat height or in a high back version with a lowerable backrest and a head section that can be raised for relaxation. The range also comprises a compact high back armchair and a standard height sofa, both with a seat depth of 56 cm.

   German Innovation Award 2020 – Special  ICONIC AWARDS 2020 Innovative Interior – Winner  Best of Interior 2020