Wood Benches

Handmade wooden benches from MODUM are a good choice because they are high-quality products in timeless design and offer the highest flexibility through their multiple configuration options. Be inspired by the different models and assemble your individual bench seat, which will fit perfectly to your other dining room furniture.

wooden benchWooden benches by MODUM: Ideal for any occasion

Today we gather around the table all the day - for breakfast, lunch or dinner to have a meal, and on many other occasions as well: some want to work on it with their laptop, others read the newspaper or a book, and others talk to each other or make phone calls. Overall, we spend a lot more time at the table and that’s why a comfortable seating area is needed. In this case, our wooden benches are perfect because they are very comfortable, versatile and give your living room a very special aura with their timeless design. Our benches are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They save space and, if necessary, can accommodate more people than is the case with chairs. In addition, you can add your own visual accents to our classic wooden bench by adding more accessories. Simply put a few deco pillows on the bench or throw a nice blanket over the back; you have easily created accents in the dining area with just a little effort.

Size and Design: You have a free choice

MODUM's wooden benches can be ideally combined with the different wooden dining tables. Since you can choose from among 15 different types of wood, there are no limits to your freedom of design. Either you configure a harmonious ensemble of the same wood types and tones, or you set conscious contrast points to visually enhance your living space by choosing different colours and styles. However, the configuration possibilities of wooden benches from MODUM do not stop by the selection of wood types. On the contrary, you can configure your own favourite bench on our web page according to your preferences for comfortable sitting. The lengths range is from 140 cm to 300 cm. You can choose between different widths and choose seat heights between 42 cm and 48 cm. For some models, you can optionally decide whether to order the bench with or without backrest. In this way, we give you even more flexibility by designing your dining room ensemble. Choose which design fits better in your living interior. This would be the case, for example, in a narrow room in which a seat with a backrest restricts the visual impression of the room too much. The combination of both options gives you maximum freedom in terms of design and, depending on your preference, you can sit on the classic bench or cuddle up in the model with backrest.

Configure your favourite bench seat online

Online shopping for furniture is still often far too complicated. You can see on this page that this is not the case. Here you can simply click through the various designs of the wooden benches, their material, wood texture or dimensions and configure an ideal bench with just a few steps. As soon as you have done that, you will already see the purchase price and the expected delivery time. So you are well informed about terms during each step of configuration. Would you like to design your bench according to your own ideas instead? No problem, because we also manufacture your individual seating furniture made in bespoke sizes. Simply contact our MODUM team. We will be happy to help you!

The sustainable design of MODUM

MODUM uses only naturally treated wood in the manufacturing process of wooden benches. By using this sustainably renewable raw material, we ensure that the ecological cycle is maintained. The high quality of the handcrafted individual pieces ensures that you receive a stable and durable product with each of our pieces of furniture, whose timeless design will be trendy for many years.