Most popular and common furnishings in homes and apartments certainly are upholstered furniture made of leather or textile, which invites to sit comfortably. Therefore, besides the furniture made of solid wood, you will find a selection of elegant seating furniture by the German quality brand Brühl. Dive into the seductive world of design sofas and sofa beds, which are ready to ship.

upholsteryUpholstery by Brühl

Comfortable yet elegant seating furniture is an absolute must for an attractive living room with feel-good ambience. That's why we complete our range of living room furniture with sofas. They combine luxurious design, optimal comfort and top-quality workmanship.

The upholstered furniture is characterized by an elegant and timeless design and exceptionally high quality. In addition, they provide comfortable sitting alone or with friends. The elegant shapes and high-quality covers made of textile or leather also contributes to the fact that the sofa models designed by Roland Meyer-Brühl become the highlight in every living room. Brühl's flexible living spaces are an ideal complement to MODUM's range of exquisite solid wood design furniture.

The featured upholstered furniture is a part of the showroom exhibits. It provides us with a possibility to offer you these high-quality sofa landscapes for exceptionally favourable conditions. The upholstered furniture is available immediately, it is well-maintained and in an absolutely top condition without any signs of wear. Since the amount of exhibits is limited, the special conditions apply only for this limited amount.  


High quality from Germany

Dive into the luxurious world of upholstered furniture by the manufacturer Roland Meyer-Brühl and let yourself be enchanted by the variety of designs. The elaborate finishing of the sofas provides them with exceptional stability and durability. The individual models were upholstered in fine textiles or leather. Their delicate touch gives the seating a timeless and elegant appearance, and this reserved design makes the upholstery presented here from Brühl truly versatile; they can be perfectly integrated into a wide variety of living interiors.

According to your preference, you can choose a two-seater or 2.5-seater, or make yourself comfortable on sophisticated sofa scenery with an inviting corner sofa. Each different sofa model is a unique combination of the top quality Brühl, luxurious design and first-class seating comfort.


The flexibility of Brühl upholstered furniture

The generous dimensions of the upholstered furniture will invite you to plunk down into the sofa. Various options are available for the back and side rests for optimal comfort. The back cushions and headrests also have a wide range of options to ensure a high level of comfort and wide variety while sitting. Add-on cushions, pull-out seats and adjustable seat depths make the sofas comfortable oases that you do not want to leave once you have taken a seat.

In addition to the top design and great flexibility, the upholstered furniture has an advantage of increased usability: using its variable seats, adjustable armrests and backrests, the MOULE 2 Medium model can be immediately transformed into a wonderfully comfortable lounge or a bed for guests to have a rest.  


Available online and in the showroom

You can get a perfect picture of the upholstered furniture looking through a series of high-resolution photos on the detail pages. In addition, you can take a look at the sofas in our showroom in Hamburg, test them and be satisfied with the high-quality workmanship and elegant design on site. We invite you to take a seat on our various sofa models. If you would like to combine upholstered furniture with other high-quality solid wood furnishings from MODUM, please contact our experts. They will discuss your wishes and ideas which they will adapt to your needs in a tailor-made manner, turning your very personal dream home into reality.