Wooden Stools

The modern style of MODUM's solid wood stools fits perfectly into any dining room furniture set. You will love their design, they also impress with their high quality, as the stools are all handmade from the finest solid wood. Take a look at the models and be inspired by new interior design ideas. Thanks to the large selection there is certainly the perfect furniture unit for you.

wooden stoolsStool made of solid wood by MODUM

The clear design of our stools made of solid wood is suitable for a wide variety of furnishing styles. With their discreet design, the stools can be easily combined with all other conceivable dining room furniture. Above all, they impress with their stylish simplicity, they do not push themselves into the foreground and thus, for example, give one of the wooden MODUM dining tables the perfect opportunity to shine in your living room or dining room. In addition, practical reasons for the use of our wooden stools speak: They can be grouped easily around a table and disappear just as easily under the table again. This saves valuable space and keeps your stools handy. And if they are needed at any other location in the home, they can be easily carried anywhere.

Large selection for maximum flexibility

A further advantage of the solid wood stools is their flexibility because you can use them not only for sitting at dining tables. Its flat surface makes it an ideal shelving space for books, a cup of coffee or a cell phone that you want to place next to the sofa in many places.

In order to find the ideal favourite, we offer you the choice between 16 models in various sizes and heights. Wood is a natural product that has a different colour, structure and grain from tree to tree. Every type of wood, every nuance has its lovers. Therefore, you can choose from 15 different types of wood, which are processed in a natural way, oiled and some types chalked for you. These results in a wide variety of combinations, so you can find a stool made of solid wood that perfectly meets your wishes.

We offer in addition to our solid wood stools for dining tables three bar stool models. Of course, you can also configure your favourite with 15 types of wood. In addition, you can decide whether you prefer a height of 64 cm or 74 cm.

Create your ideal comfortable stool from solid wood

For an optimal assortment, we offer you a wide range of designs and wood types. Despite this diversity, collecting a set of your favourites on this webpage is extremely easy. Find your favourite stool and choose the right kind of wood and its treatment. For some items, you can choose additional options in terms of features and sizes, and then you already see the purchase price as well as the estimated delivery time. So you are always well informed about costs and production date. Do you have some special ideas that you cannot find on this page? In addition to the products presented here, we can also fulfil individual wishes. Contact us with your ideas and we will see what we can do for you. We look forward to your message!

MODUM: Stylish sustainability

Wood - the naturally renewable resource is one of the most sustainable natural resources. MODUM solid wood stools are made of naturally treated materials, ensuring that the ecological balance of their production is maintained. The stools are elaborately crafted by hand, which ensures extraordinarily high quality. That is why MODUM furniture is extremely stable and durable. The classic style gives your home a very special glow after many years of use. Just try it out.