Coffee Tables Wood

Solid wood coffee tables from MODUM are great accents in any living room. Take a look at our wide range and be inspired by the timeless elegance of these beautiful solid wood furniture units, which you can configure according to your ideas. The precisely handcrafted coffee tables are of exquisite quality and will give you a lot of pleasure for a long time.

coffee tablesSolid wood coffee tables by MODUM

In modern living spaces, the trend towards high-quality design furniture is always ongoing. In addition to sofas and armchairs, coffee tables are the decisive elements to enhance a living room with design highlights. The solid wood coffee tables from MODUM convince with their timeless design, which makes every living room shine more than just visually. Thanks to the wood types used, our coffee tables have natural warmth that makes every living room glow not only visually. In addition to the classic models, we also offer the RHOMBI ROUND LINO solid wood coffee table, in a coloured version with the linoleum tabletop. Choose between 21 stylish colours and we will apply the matching linoleum accurately to the solid wood coffee table. In addition, you can plan the table in various sizes, so you can also create colourful combinations of several side tables, which will be a real eye-catcher in your living room.


As variable as you wish

Whether round or square, small or large, high or low: With the solid wood coffee tables from MODUM we give you absolute flexibility because we know that every living space is designed differently. Sometimes it's a matter of optically softening of a large room by choosing well-suited furniture, sometimes it's a matter of optimal use of the limited space in smaller rooms. The composition of existing chairs, armchairs or sofa sets is also a decisive factor in the choice of a suitable coffee table. You can, therefore, configure many of our side tables in various formats to suit your design. But the choices do not end with the sizes. Regardless of the ambience of the living room, the lighting conditions and the existing furnishings, different types of wood are in demand. You will find lighter shades, such as oak and ash, medium shades, such as beech and cherry, or very dark woods, such as American walnut. In this way, our woods cover a wide range of colours, which we brighten or darken with optional white shading or particularly intensive treatment with oil. In this way, you are sure to find the right colour for your custom-made solid wood coffee table.


A personal solid wood coffee table in just a few steps

To help you find your way around our extensive range of solid wood coffee tables, we offer you configuration options in the MODUM shop with which you can create your desired table. You will find high-resolution detailed photos for each version so that you can take a close look at the various models and colour variants. For some coffee tables, we also offer a 360-degree view with which you can view the products from all angles. Once you have configured your individual preferred table, you will immediately see the purchase price and the estimated delivery time. This allows us to offer you the transparency online that is essential for the purchase of individually tailored furniture. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you are looking for in the model variations and formats presented. Just let us know your wishes and we will see together how we can realize them for you.


Sustainability thanks to the use of natural wood

We manufacture your custom-configured solid wood coffee table order from naturally treated natural wood. The environmentally friendly renewable raw material guarantees the high sustainability of our furniture, which is characterized by precise manual work and the highest quality. In this way, you will get extremely durable and solid coffee tables made of solid wood, which will give you many years of pleasure thanks to their classic elegance.