Dining Table Extendable

Our extendable solid wood tables combine timeless elegance with maximum flexibility. You can trust the high quality of handmade wooden tables and at the same time make use of the various options provided by MODUM butterfly pull-out system. In this way, our tables become truly versatile: you can sit by them, eat and enjoy a small or large circle of friends.

dining table extendableFlexibility thanks to extendable solid wood tables

Our solid wood tables bring design and variability into your living space. Either short or long: extremely easy-to-use butterfly system of our extendable solid wood tables will inspire you because they give you the greatest possible flexibility in the household. You want to use the table for two, three or four, eat, read and work on it? No problem, just leave your favourite table in its basic position. You expect guests, want to host a dinner or cater for many little gourmets at a children's birthday party? Then use the smooth sliding system of our pull-out solid wood tables and from the small dining table you can conjure up a table of up to three meters in length in no time. Our high-quality, fold-out extension plates make it possible to entertain larger companies without wasting time for table transformation. After all, simply slide the plate back and have your solid wood table in its original format.


With just a few clicks to the ideal extendable solid wood table

As you will see, the configuration of our extendable solid wood tables is super easy and at the same time gives you the greatest possible flexibility. You can choose between 12 different MODUM designs for the extendable solid wood tables. The basic lengths vary between 160, 180, 200 and 220 cm, with a width between 90, 95 and 100 cm. The integrated folding table has a length of 117 cm, so you can extend your table by just this length. But that's not the end of possibilities, because we know that every type of wood has its lover and that every living room has different demands on the colouring and patterning of an extendable solid wood table. That's why you can choose between 15 naturally treated woods, including maple, beech or ash, for all tables. To ensure that you find the furniture perfectly matched to your wishes and requirements at MODUM the wood examples are available in the natural form, oiled or chalked on request. With MODUM you are always informed about the conditions because after the configuration you see immediately purchase price and estimated delivery time. During the configuration of your individual extendable solid wood table, you always know how much it will cost. Of course, you can also design the table of your choice and entirely according to your personal preferences and measurements. In this case, please feel free to contact the MODUM team at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!


A table for different occasions

Home design is subject to constant change: Where once large families lived together, now households dominate with one to five people. This leads to new demands on plans and furniture because where eight people used to sit at the central dining table, four chairs are now usually enough for all present. At the same time, dinner invitations are increasing, as well as parties or societies bringing together many friends and family to the same table. A dining room table must, therefore, meet a wide range of requirements. We at MODUM offer the ideal solution with our extendable solid wood table. With its variable formats, it serves you as the ideal table for everyday life and can be enlarged for events if necessary with just a few simple steps.


The sustainable design of MODUM

At MODUM, you can rely on the quality of the handmade, handcrafted solid wood tables made from high-quality and sustainable raw material wood. The precise handling of our craftsmen with the natural raw material ensures high stability and long life of the tables. The elaborate, lovingly and meticulously crafted production ensures that you receive furniture in a timeless style that blends harmoniously into any living environment and radiates a cosy atmosphere by itself.