Shelves Wood

MODUM solid wood shelves are a combination of well-thought-out design and high value for storing various things in everyday life. Be inspired by the variety of design possibilities of the shelves, which are outstanding on walls as well as in the middle of the room as room dividers. Custom handmade manufacturing guarantees the highest quality.

shelves woodSolid wood shelves by MODUM - timeless design and quality

Shelving is one of the classics of every room. Whether in the living room, dining or bedroom, the functional and clear designed wooden models are indispensable in many apartments. MODUM offers you a selection of solid wood shelves of the highest quality and thus gives you additional space as well as optical bright highlights. Our shelves are characterized by a timeless style and understatement. In addition, they stand for the highest quality, because the models are made by hand elaborately and precise according to your order by our experts in furniture production. This makes each of our shelves a unique personal item for you. The entire shelf consists of solid wood boards full-length staved. Our craftsmen ensure wood protection even during production because the robust surface of the solid wood shelves is oiled with pure herbal oil, which creates a very natural touch of the wood, which gives a very special look.


The flexibility of our solid wood shelves

Flexibility and different combinations are the key to our solid wood shelves. On the one hand, they are ideal for installation on walls in living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms. In addition, you can also use our shelves as architectural design elements, for example by using them as optical room dividers to add extra structure to space. The MODUM shelves can be ideally adapted to your needs because we offer models in 15 wood types, which differ in structure and colour - surely there will be the right variant for every taste. For the GO LINO and SENA models, you can also add colourful accents by adding a layer of organic MDF in up to 21 different colours. This turns the shelf into a visual highlight that sets new visual accents in your home. For the creating of valuable storage spaces, we recommend our PISA shelves. For these, you can order optional drawer units that fit exactly into the elements of the solid wood shelf. This way creating additional storage space and also complement the shelf with attractive solid wood drawers. Easy online configuration or custom made to measure You can easily test the described flexibility yourself: choose your favourite model, go to the detailed product page for more information. For an optimal image, you'll find high-resolution images where you can view the shelves from various angles. For some models, we also offer a 360-degree view. Then you simply select the preferred wood and coating type, the measurements and - if available - the optional colouring. You will know exactly all the information: you will immediately see the purchase price and the expected delivery time of the individually configurated shelf. You will experience it yourself how easy it is to configure a shelf according to your wishes in our shop. If you have any other ideas in terms of measurements, form or design you are welcome to contact our specialists, so we can tailor your individual shelf to your needs.


Natural production of solid wood

For the production of the MODUM shelves, we use only carefully treated natural wood, which is elaborately manually processed and coated by our craftsmen according to your order. In this way, we ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly production that safes the ecological balance. Even in the manufacture of shelves, the focus is on high-quality raw materials, precision and craftsmanship, in order to deliver for you durable furniture that you can enjoy in your home for a long time.