Product description

Bruehl Sofa moule-2 small

Quality „Made in Germany!“ Manufacturer: Brühl

Design Roland Meyer-Brühl

The original moule: This unparalleled bestseller’s innovative conversion functions, informal and contemporary looks, top quality and luxurious, adaptable comfort have remained unfailingly impressive since 2003. Generously-sized, in the case of moule-medium, or more compact in the form of moule-small. Seats that can be swivelled forward separately to relax and arm- and backrests that can be fully lowered allow a wide range of lounging positions all the way to completely lying down.
Numerous design features can be customised: a seat height that can be adjusted to anything between 42 cm and 44 cm, rectangular legs in metal or solid wood, optionally also castors at the back, if required. Optional, additional integrated platform side tables increase the sofa’s comfort level in the lounging position. Thanks to removable covers, it is easy to creatively alter moule‘s look, including a change from fabric to leather covers.